Make your site exclusively SSL (re-directing automatically from http to https) on Windows Server


If you have an SSL certificate on your website, how do you automatically re-direct ALL visitors to the SSL version? Its easy, and with no code required. 1. Open IIS 2. Click on the site you wish to change 3. Double-click on SSL Settings 4. Check the box Require SSL 5. Click on Apply (on the top right hand side) 6. Click on Error Pages 7. Double-click on the item with status code 403 8.  Choose...

Parallels 8 on Mac running Windows 8 – where has the # hash key gone?


Its one of the few issues I have found with moving to using Macs, the lack of a # key. On the Mac, you press Alt + 3 to show the # key. Once you have parallels installed, if you are running windows 7, the same combination worked, however if you install Windows 8 it no longer works. After spending half an hour + searching Google and seeing that lots of other people have the same issue and no...

ASP:Chart Colour Palette


In ASP.Net there is a really easy way to create charts, using the asp:chart tag. There are pre-defined colour palettes that you can use, or you can create your own. Here are the built in ones: Berry: 8A2BE2,BA55D3,4169E1,C71585,0000FF,8019E0,DA70D6,7B68EE,C000C0,0000CD,800080 Bright: 008000,0000FF,800080,800080,FF00FF,008080,FFFF00,808080,00FFFF,000080,800000,FF3939,7F7F00,C0C0C0,FF6347,FFE4B5...



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