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Router Vulnerability – have an Asus or Linksys Router? You need to check this urgently!


A hushed up ASUS Router vulnerability means that nosey users can browse the contents of some 13,000 other peoples hard disks connected to home routers using completely open FTP. If you have an ASUS or LinkSYS Router, you should be checking to see if your IP address (Google “What is My IP Address” to find out your IP Address) is on the list. This was reported back in June 2013┬áby ARS...

SQL Injection attack


We wanted to see what the effects of SQL Injection attack were on a simple system (of which there are tens of thousands of out there) and Alan ( designed a very simple logon system running on a local virtual machine to have a go at. As we had suspected if adequate measures were not taken it was remarkably simple to log in fully by using a very basic attack by simply putting:...

Discovering vulnerabilities


We had yet another brilliant evening of programming club last night at the ISArc offices near the Giants Causeway. We learned about common web-based systems attacks and how to counter them in our code. There were many tools to discover open ports, but perhaps none so interesting as mmap. NMap NMap is described as a security scanner, and it does exactly that – allowing you to scan your...



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