CategoryThe Practical Party

The Practical Party is a collection of policy ideas from both me and others on how the country should really be run and managed for the benefit of all. One day we will form an actual party and initiate our innovative reforms.

Paying drivers every time they are stopped at temporary road-works


This proposal concerns the annoying habit of utility companies and building firms to not co-ordinate their activities, and cause huge disruption to drivers with temporary road-works during the working week. Too often huge disruption is caused, yet there are practically no workers there actually doing the road-works to ensure they are completely quickly. The practical party proposes that for every...

Prison Reform


So how to reform the current prison system? There must be a better way that at present… First some research into what prisoners currently have in most UK prisons (source: 4 different prison guards from 2 different prisons) and how much it costs per prisoner currently to provide the prison services:  Access to the Internet  Television in cells  Sky TV or other Cable TV in cells  Playstation...



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