Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcut to auto-format a document

Its a wonderful shortcut when you come across someone who has written some code for you and not used the tab key at all. Open the document Press Ctrl + K + D and by the wonders of the html, css and engine in Visual Studio the document is automatically formatted.

ASP:Chart Colour Palette

In ASP.Net there is a really easy way to create charts, using the asp:chart tag. There are pre-defined colour palettes that you can use, or you can create your own. Here are the built in ones: Berry: 8A2BE2,BA55D3,4169E1,C71585,0000FF,8019E0,DA70D6,7B68EE,C000C0,0000CD,800080 Bright: 008000,0000FF,800080,800080,FF00FF,008080,FFFF00,808080,00FFFF,000080,800000,FF3939,7F7F00,C0C0C0,FF6347,FFE4B5 BrightPastel: 418CF0,FCB441,DF3A02,056492,BFBFBF,1A3B69,FFE382,129CDD,CA6B4B,005CDB,F3D288,506381,F1B9A8,E0830A,7893BE Chocolate: A0522D,D2691E,8B0000,CD853F,A52A2A,F4A460,8B4513,C04000,B22222,B65C3A EarthTones: 33023,B8860B,C04000,6B8E23,CD853F,C0C000,228B22,D2691E,808000,20B2AA,F4A460,00C000,8FBC8B,B22222,843A05,C00000 Excel: 9999FF,993366,FFFFCC,CCFFFF,660066,FF8080,0063CB,CCCCFF,000080,FF00FF,FFFF00,00FFFF,800080,800000,007F7F,0000FF Fire: FFD700,FF0000,FF1493,DC143C,FF8C00,FF00FF,FFFF00,FF4500,C71585,DDE221 GrayScale: C8C8C8,BDBDBD,B2B2B2,A7A7A7,9C9C9C,919191,868686,7A7A7A,707070,656565,565656,4F4F4F,424242,393939,2E2E2E,232323 Light: E6E6FA,FFF0F5,FFDAB9,,FFFACD,,FFE4E1,F0FFF0,F0F8FF,F5F5F5,FAEBD7,E0FFFF Pastel: …
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Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

I always struggle to remember particular keyboard shortcuts for Visual Studio – there are just so many! The most common ones we use are Ctrl + K + C (Comment) Ctrl + K + U (Un-Comment) Ctrl + K + D (Format Document) There is a complete list of all Visual Studio shortcuts that is …
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