Checking for null when querying a datatable or dataview in ASP.Net (VB)


You can check for null when applying a select or a filter to a datatable or dataview it is easy to filter by a field that is equal to something, but much more difficult to check if it is null. For example (dataview):         Dim dv As DataView = Db.GetData("uspDatabaseMenuiser_Select").Tables(0).AsDataView         dv.RowFilter = "ParentMenuID = 0"         dv.Sort = "MenuTitle ASC"           As...

Folder called Reports requires extra username and password?


We have had a recurring, and very annoying problem on some of our live servers – when trying to access any folder in IIS called “reports” it was asking for additional login information, and not showing the actual content from the folder. A bit of digging revealed that the culprit was SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services. Turning off Reporting Services didnt have any effect, we...



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