Setting up WordPress on Amazon AWS EC2 in 10 minutes


This tutorial does a complete walk-through on the basis of you using Mac Os to set up a new EC2 WordPress site. Once you get practiced, you can do this in minutes! Log in to your EC2 Management Console () Select a new  instance of Amazon Linux AMI (Free tier eligible) Just leave everything un-changed on the next screen and press on the Next: Configure Instance Details button...

PHP write to screen without using echo


I have been slowly learning PHP for a while now, and whilst I still prefer ASP.Net with its nicely organised code-behind pages and button click methods, there is something very nice about just integrating code and html. One of the annoyances I had was that in order to (for example) display a variable on the screen within my html, I had to type: <p><?php echo $VariableName; ...



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