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SQL Nationalities Table (SQL format)


In the same way that getting a list of countries of the world can be tedious when developing a web-based system or website, nationality is one of those drop-down list boxes that is very time-consuming to populate behind the scenes. In many cases most developers resort to the copy/paste from Wikipedia method. So after doing that, I decided to export the SQL so that you don’t have to! CREATE...

MySQL Countries Of The World Table in SQL


Sometimes we need a list of all countries, and whilst searching Wikipedia and copy and pasting is fine, it can take a long time and is tedious, so here is an SQL Country List to copy and paste.   CREATE TABLE `settingsCountries` ( `CountryID` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `CountryCode` varchar(2) NOT NULL DEFAULT ”, `CountryName` varchar(100) NOT NULL DEFAULT ”, PRIMARY KEY...



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