Resources for use in teaching the next generation of teachers. Mostly documents and notes from completing the 7407 Stage 1 and 7407 Stage 2 teacher training course in 2002-2004

I’m an official Apple Teacher!


I’ve taken all of the tests and assessments to ensure that all of my skills using the MacOs or iOS and using Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Garageband and iMovie to such a¬†high level that I can teach others how to increase their productivity and creativity.

SQL Adding Row Number To The Returned Rows


Its something that took a bit of finding, but is very simple to do. I wanted to automatically add a row number to returned rows from a table in a database e.g. SELECT FirstNames, LastName, DOB FROM Staff ORDER BY FirstNames ASC returns FirstNames LastName DOB Richard Taylor 01/01/1980 James Watts 01/01/1980 Richard Stringer 01/01/1980 we can modify this so that it returns a row number by changing...

How to add an SSL certificate to IIS in Windows Server 2008 R2


Its something I do without really thinking about, just get another certificate and add it to the server so that the website can load with https:// instead of http:// I have used lots of different SSL providers, however I have found that the most reliable and easy to use is and their customer service and support is exceptional. I will try to make this as step-by-step as I...



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