New Job!

I’ve started my first full-time job at Skills Training UK Limited in their Hayes centre as IT Trainer. There are two of us in the IT Department, me and Gitesh. Gitesh is really great, he knows lots about computers too. Its already been so much learning today. I’ve got a few ideas of how we could re-layout the IT area to make much better use of space, and to make it look more friendly to help us train unemployed people on the New CLAIT course. The New CLAIT course is really the basics of using a computer, and one of the things I will have to do is work on some proper training materials.

The company only has 1 computer that is on the internet, and it uses the email address [email protected] – I already talked to the Finance Director Avtar today and told him that I could get the company a proper website and internet for all the computers in the centre. He thought that was a great idea and told me to write it up and get it to him – so thats what I’m going to work on after this entry!

I’m still living in Hayes, but my girlfriend Barbara and I will hopefully be able to get our own place soon now that I have a job that actually pays a full-time salary!

Re-installed the computer

I’ve ended up having to re-install the computer from scratch after I was trying out commands from in the DOS manual and accidentally used Deltree /Y and forgot to specify a folder to delete, so it deleted everything from the root of the C drive.

Thankfully the disks used to install it were in the disk boxes on the top shelf of the computer desk so I have managed to re-install MS-DOS and Windows and the games and almost everything else. Hopefully no-one else will notice anything different, and at least all our files are stored on disks so we didn’t loose any of my homework or Dads work.