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How to stop Windows 7 requiring you to change your password


  There are no built in tools in Windows 7 to do this, but thankfully its pretty simple. This is especially useful if you are running Windows 7 as part of a Parallels Desktop for Mac installation, as the whole VM freezes when Windows requires a password change! Follow these instructions and it works every time. 1. Right-click on the desktop and Choose New > Shortcut   2. Type in wmic...

Airplay receiver for Windows


Quite possibly one of the greatest pieces of Freeware I have every found. Shairport4w is a simple executable that runs and turns your PC in to an AirPlay receiver – allowing you to play music through your PC speakers directly from your iPad, iPhone, iPod or iTunes on another PC. Download and save locally Extract the .exe file and run! Its that simple!! (NB. the first time it...

The perils of dropbox when its not understood


It all started with a very panicked phone call, one of our customers was exceptionally worried – she had been deleting files from her computer and then realised that they were no longer available on her iPhone…. And it took me a while to register that last part… On her phone..? Oohhh and then it hit me – the company in question were using DropBox! So, rewind several weeks...



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