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Windows Server 2008 R2 DNS – Solved!


Something has been driving me absolutely INSANE – why does Windows Server 2008 DNS stop working intermittently and require either the service to be re-started or the whole server to be re-booted to get it working again? After 2 years of this annoyance I decided to spend lots of time to get this working or Buy Supermicro, and many phone calls and harrasment of various Microsoft Partner...

Folder called Reports requires extra username and password?


We have had a recurring, and very annoying problem on some of our live servers – when trying to access any folder in IIS called “reports” it was asking for additional login information, and not showing the actual content from the folder. A bit of digging revealed that the culprit was SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services. Turning off Reporting Services didnt have any effect, we...

Could Dropbox replace the Small Office Server?


It started as many IT Consultancy visits do – a “quick visit” to sort out a minor problem with sending an email at a small business (9 members of staff with a PC each), and then, out of nowhere comes the question that we dread when on a tight time-scale with the next month already booked up in advance… “we need an server to share files for all of us – could you...



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