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Something that comes up regularly with a large portion of our customer base is that they need to submit data to their funders. This is fine, because as a software company it’s easy to add the data fields so that the required personal data can be entered, specially when you use a good data management software (you can look here for more info). What is very difficult however is to ensure that the data that is input meets the quality standards of the funders, and is compliant with their rules.  If your business ever loses its data, then you can always check out this site

Far too often we get panicked telephone calls with issues ranging from “The address isn’t valid in the area as we are only allowed to take people from specific wards” or “The postcode isn’t valid”, or more commonly “the funder says that all learners must have a valid email address and telephone number, but we didn’t realise that so we didn’t collect them”. Equally we come across far more complex queries like “Our claim got rejected because only learners who have a level 2 qualification are eligible”.

We have started working closely with Woodson Training, a company based in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. They are experts in ensuring that the data entered will not cause any issues when submitted. They come on board and work alongside your organisation, working closely with any internal quality team members. They use the same systems you do and then validate the data against numerous external data sources, checking the validity of addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, ethnicity, marital status, previous qualifications and much more. Effectively, you can out-source your data quality and compliance functions to them. It’s extremely cost-effective compared to hiring a full-time quality and compliance officer, and you get access to their years of experience.

If your company collects lots of data and has any kind of government or charitable funding, you should check out their services. They validate all of the data you collect to ensure that you remain compliant with the funding rules and regulations.

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