Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000


Today, after 4 years of using the same Microsoft Intellimouse Optical 1.1A, I finally upgraded to a Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000. So whats the difference and the verdict?

Instantly I have noticed that the new mouse is significantly more accurate than the old mouse – working with images to crop them is significantly easier – I can now pinpoint the exact location where I want to mouse pointer to go first-time instead of moving it to the rough location and then moving it really slowly and carefully to the right location. In fact, the new mouse is almost too accurate… its so sensitive that even the slightest movement moves the pointer, something that definately didnt happen with my old mouse!

One thing that I dont like as much is the smaller back and forward buttons (not that I ever use the forward one). The back button is now not as convenient as it used to be in that I need to move my thumb forward to get to it rather than upwards as with the old mouse.

The scroll wheel is significantly better than the old mouse and is much more tactile and easier to grip to scroll with one finger.

The mouse is flatter than the old Intellimouse, which is a surprise, I thought it would be more like the old Intellimouse Pro which was greatly extended height-wise compared to "normal" mice.

So, overall verdict – a good mouse with greatly improved accuracy with 1 minor styling flaw – something that I’m sure I will get used to by learning to put my hand on the mouse, rather than just my fingers over the mouse with wrist on the mouse-mat as with my old Intellimouse.

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