My Daily Routine

Wake up in the morning,
The alarm clock beeps
Quietly wash n brush my hair,
Everyone else still sleeps.

Down the stairs – creakety, creak,
Into the kitchen below
Get a bowl and a spoon and anything else
My tummy knows what will follow.

Yum, Yum, Cereal and Toast
Washed down with pure orange or juice
Once that’s finished, back to the clothes
The newer trousers aren’t too loose.

Find a shirt and tie that match,
Its difficult to choose
Occasionally I go for red or green,
Today I wear the blues.

Pack the briefcase, remember the cards
Wear my coat and gloves if cold.
I leave the house an ten past eight,
The new sunlight resembles gold.

A fifteen minute leafy walk
I look forward to the day ahead
Although I like to be at work
I’d prefer to sleep in bed.



Richard Taylor




© 2002 Mr Richard M

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