iPhone and iPad / iOS Mail – Problems deleting email when on IMAP

This is more like a note to myself for if I ever get a new device, but I have had lots of problems since moving my email to a VPS server hosted by Webfusion in the UK. The primary issue is that the mail server that is installed as part of the Parallels Plesk Panel has an unusual quirk when trying to delete email from the server if you are using IMAP rather than POP on your Apple device.


“Unable to delete message from server” or similar error when deleting. Thankfully the solution is easy!

In the iPhone / iPad settings simply go to mail, and then the mail account and then advanced and in the IMAP Path Prefix add “INBOX” in capitals.

Problem solved!

PC Pro Podcast 248

On this week’s podcast: Intel plans its own online TVs; Surface Pro arrives in the US and immediately sells out; Microsoft Security Essentials continues to struggle; Opera moves to the WebKit rendering engine; and rumour has it that Apple may be working on a watch. Our Hot Hardware candidate is the Canon EOS M, the company’s first interchangeable-lens compact camera.

A new iAddition

ipad-mini-smart-cover-redMy iPad 2 was rather worse for wear and I decided that it was really time to replace it, but replace it with what?

I looked at what I primarily used the ipad for and realised that I mostly used it for Email, Web Browsing and Reading.

With this in mind I soon realised that there was no way I could justify parting with a huge amount of money for a “proper” iPad 4 with a retina display, there was really no need.

I decided instead to go for a new iPad Mini and got a striking red cover for it too. Its seems rather faster than my iPad 2, and so far when using it, I haven’t really noticed that the screen is any different. The main thing I notice is how light it is, and that it fits into my coat pocket. Thanks to iCloud, it has been a seamless transition moving all my apps and content (including books, email, and even open tabs in Safari) from my iPad 2 to new iPad Mini!