RMTWeb is born

As many great names do, the creating of the name RMTWeb was a complete fluke.

I have a brand new Pentium 200MMX computer a staggeringly huge 2.5Gb hard disk and a 16 speed CD-ROM Drive! In addition this amazing computer has 32Mb of RAM and a large 15″ CRT monitor! This super machine also has a modem and allows me to connect to the Internet using AOL!

The first account I signed up for gave me a horrid username – rtaylo4382. After enduring this name for the past year and a half I decided that things would have to change. I’ve been searching and searching for a new screen name, then by accident I decided to try my initials which was denied as it was too short – I was keen on designing my own web pages so I added the word “web” after my initials. The name was accepted and thus my first proper email address – [email protected] was born!

—Later editors notes–

I then set about registering every variant of rmtweb online for the next 5 years or so. Most notably I used  [email protected] and the blogging site rmtweb.livespaces.com which is where this blog was originally hosted until I moved it on to my own domain.

I used my AOL email address and kept the screen name until 1999 when I decided to get my own domain name – rmtweb.co.uk, and “proper” email address ([email protected]). It has been running ever since! As a result of having an email address that has been around for such a long time, I regularly get in excess of 2000 items of spam every day.

Hahas Update

I can’t get the program working as I wanted on the BBC computers, but the school got new computers running MS-DOS 4 that are much easier to work and alter, especially since I already have the 3.30a manual at home.

The final version of Hahas (version 3) that I finished today doesn’t display anything on screen at all when it runs other than the c:/> that looks like the normal prompt, but isn’t. Behind the scenes it is adding to the autoexec.bat parts of the boot folder, so that the program will always run every time the computer turns on. I added in a few extra features so that it only displays the hahas occasionally, not every time a disk is put in, as it was getting too obvious. Lots of people in class started to notice the hahas and the computer teacher also wondered what they were. Also new is that it hides the file by prefixing it with a $ (dollar sign) so that although space on the floppy disk it is on will be missing, most of the idiots wont know why. I also renamed the version stored on the hard disk to call it expander.exe so that people wont suspect it as not being a real system file. It also copies the date and time of the msdos.sys file so that it looks like it has always been there.

I think I will update it next to make it just display a message on my birthday every year, but only once I leave the school otherwise I might get in a lot of trouble.