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Web bookshop


I’ve just been going through the course guide and realising just how many books I will have to buy. There has got to be a better way to buy books than having to go visit the on-campus bookshop. It’s crowded, cramped, and full of over-priced books. I think a much better way would be to make a website that you could buy books from. It would mean that you could keep overheads down to a minimum, and...

New Job!


Today I started work at the Cottage Hotel and Restaurant as a waiter. It’s a lovely little hotel just up Hillingdon Hill. I went for an interview and met the manager when I visited in July with Dad but today is my first actual evening working here. Its fantastic pay compared to what I used to get at the Beach House Hotel in Portballintrae – £3.75 per hour! It’s been quite a long...

Richardey Update


It turns out that my programme spread rather a lot. Rather too much in fact, so much so that the lecturers realised which Richard it was and today I got a formal written warning at Tec. They were originally going to suspend me, but because my programme didn’t do any damage I only got a written warning. Apparently its not a good idea to write programmes that spread over the network –...



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