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Richardey is live


Today I deployed my programme that I have written after finding and reading through the manual that Mr Breakey showed us as part of our memory resident programming module that we have been doing since September. The manual is absolutely brilliant and shows how to make programmes re-load themselves even if the computer is turned off and on again. I’ve written it in C and have compiled it...

RMTWeb is born


As many great names do, the creating of the name RMTWeb was a complete fluke. I have a brand new Pentium 200MMX computer a staggeringly huge 2.5Gb hard disk and a 16 speed CD-ROM Drive! In addition this amazing computer has 32Mb of RAM and a large 15″ CRT monitor! This super machine also has a modem and allows me to connect to the Internet using AOL! The first account I signed up for gave...



Today I managed to buy the latest thing – a 1.44Mb high density (HD) floppy disk, I actually bought a box of 10 of them from the school office. I will finally have room to store all of my Basic programmes and Filemaker programmes to take them between home and school.



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