Panaromic Affection

I look our across the road of life,
Seeing it speed past.
But time passes slowly in my domain,
My own tiredness destined to reign.

An eternity in heaven,
With my soaring dreams,
I long for you to carry me home,
For me heaven is gone for a few tomorrows.

I climb every dune,
And sliding down the sand in my shoes
Feels like tingly hands
Caressing my aching soles.

Miss lover you are my real thing,
The light and sparks in my fire,
The only result of my search,
My fantasy.

Just one moment in my day
Takes me away to a place
So far away
In your heavenly space.

When you touch me
You take me apart
With the clouds in the sky
Make me feel so alive.

Just one look, I can see it in your eyes,
You are my love,
I lay back, close my eyes and fantasise,
A timeless night in heaven with you.



Richard Taylor


© 2003 Mr Richard M Taylor.

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