Policy Proposal – Broadband

The Practical Party Making practical policies to make everyones lives that little bit better. Policy Proposal – Broadband / Internet Connectivity Minimum broadband speeds Every household and business will have a legal right to a minimum of 100Mbit internet connectivity, with a 5 year plan to increase this to 1Gbit. There will be a price-cap of £30 per household or business for this connectivity. If BT cannot achieve the FULL roll-out within a 2 year time-scale then a new regional network will be set up to offer 100% wifi coverage on a single network. It will be completely open and free to everyone in the whole country. Data limits All data caps both on mobile and fixed line internet connectivity are no longer permitted. There should not be a penalty for using the internet more.   NB. As always, we welcome your comments on all policy proposals.

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