Skateboarding badge?

I’ve been thinking about what other scouting activity badges there really should be, and one area that our scouts all claim is completely lacking is Skateboarding.

I am planning to commission a new custom activity badge called, un-surprisingly the Skateboarding badge!


The real decision is whether the badge should have the word Skateboarding on it or not…? Opinions please!


Proposed Badge Criteria

To obtain this badge, scouts must be able to:

1. Demonstrate that they can maintain their balance whilst Skateboarding.

2. Understand and explain the risks of skateboarding on a pavement both to the skateboarder and other pavement users.

3. Demonstrate an “Ollie” up on to a surface that is 4 inches or more in height difference from their current skateboarding surface.

4. Perform any two of the following “tricks” successfully:

  • Ollie (Bunny Hop)
  • Kick Flip
  • Heel Flip
  • 180 degrees
  • Shove-it
  • Grind

5. Explain what safety equipment worn whilst they are skateboarding and how it keeps them safe.

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