iPhone X Review


I’ve had it for a week now, the phone that was anticipated to be the greatest smartphone yet designed, and have to say that I am extremely impressed. It really does match the expectations. FaceID is wonderful, and works so much better than I ever thought it would. It just seamlessly unlocks, even at night time, where it uses the limited screen brightness to unlock the phone. (It really surprises...

MacBook Pro Startup Chime


You know how old Mac’s have that wonderful, iconic startup sound, and new Mac’s don’t? I thought I would go research how to turn it back on. I’d figured it had to be a setting, I’d looked online and discovered that Apple had turned it off, which means it is a setting somewhere. Its pre-boot, so it has to be held in the NVRAM settings somehow. I managed to persuade a...

I’m an official Apple Teacher!


I’ve taken all of the tests and assessments to ensure that all of my skills using the MacOs or iOS and using Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Garageband and iMovie to such a high level that I can teach others how to increase their productivity and creativity.



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