Ubuntu – Backup Amazon EC2 to S3 (Pre-requisites)


Pre-requisites on the server are Amazon S3 tools, and zip sudo apt-get install s3cmd sudo apt-get install zip unzip You then need to configure the s3cmd to use the Access Code and Secret Key from the IAM within your AWS console. Its recommended that you set up a new user with programmatic access only for each server / project, and give the user the AmazonS3FullAccess permission. Back on the...

New server


After several years of a slow blog site, and consistently running out of space on the old VPS server that was hosted by Webfusion UK, I have finally taken the plunge and have moved my site to a new AWS instance meaning that for the first time ever it is not on a physical managed server but is now on a virtual cloud server. The new AWS cloud instance is running Ubuntu Linux, has 1Gb RAM and a 16Gb...



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