Download LARS as a .sql file


Its a constant challenge to keep many of the systems that I help develop up to date with Government data sources. One of the most awkward is the LARS (Learning Aims Reference Service) database. () It’s updated several times a month, and is only available for download in .mdb, .csv and .psv files – none of which are even remotely useful for integrating with existing databases in a...

WordPress: The Dreaded “Error Establishing Database Connection” message


My site has just been down for more than 24 hours due to a wordpress update, that in its wisdom the plugin developer assumed that the version of MySQL would be an older version, and corrupted the WordPress database that the site uses. You can go to for further info on servers. I’ve recovered the site from last nights backup, and thankfully there has been no data loss, but its still a timely...

MAMP Pro – Access MySQL from another machine


To access MySQL that has been installed as part of MAMP: 1.  Click on File, Edit Template and then MySQLmy.cnf 2. On line 37 (normally) you will see the bind-address = (localhost) by default. Change this to: 3. Open phpMyAdmin on the local machine, click on the Users tab and then Add user 4. Enter details of the username and password. On the Database for user section choose...



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