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New DMS features


I’ve been steadily adding to my first DMS and added loads of new features to enable everyone in the centre to see more and record more for all of their learners (including that they now want us to call them clients, not learners). I’ve come up with a new report that I have called Stats-at-a-glance. It shows by centre, with numbers of staff, number of clients who are on-programme, new...

Rolling out the DMS


So the system that I started working on back in October last year has caught on – it started with the ESOL tutors asking how we knew what reviews to do and what files to get as we were never in the admin office one we came back from Christmas holidays. I showed them the DMS and they asked if they could use it too, so I made them user accounts and they are now using it too. I’ve added...

My first proper Data Management System


At the company where I now work it turns out that everything is on paper. Yes, absolutely everything. It’s completely bonkers. Its ridiculously inefficient. After working here for a couple of months I got a bit of a shock when I found out that I am meant to have been conducting two-weekly reviews with all my learners. This is the process that I am meant to follow: – Every Monday...



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