iPad Pro Safari Crashing when pressing the address bar??


Its very rare for me to have to create a post these days about an Apple product that is not working as it should! If you have tried to use Safari today with the latest iOS 9.2.1 and press the address bar it crashes instantly. Thankfully there is an easy, if annoying fix!
Go to Settings and then down the the Safari section on the left and TURN OFF Safari Suggestions! Crash fixed!

Airplay receiver for Windows


Quite possibly one of the greatest pieces of Freeware I have every found. Shairport4w is a simple executable that runs and turns your PC in to an AirPlay receiver – allowing you to play music through your PC speakers directly from your iPad, iPhone, iPod or iTunes on another PC. Shairport4w.zip Download and save locally Extract the .exe file and run! Its that simple!! (NB. the first time it...

Apple iPad 2 – 20 essential apps


Apple says there are more than 65,000 iPad apps in the iTunes App Store. With   that kind of choice, finding the best can be difficult. Garageband Apple,   £2.99 Apple’s music creation app has long been popular on the Mac but its iPad   makeover takes it beyond what was possible on a desktop. The touchscreen   allows the iPad to become a whole range of musical instruments, some of   which can do...



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