iPhone X Review


I’ve had it for a week now, the phone that was anticipated to be the greatest smartphone yet designed, and have to say that I am extremely impressed. It really does match the expectations. FaceID is wonderful, and works so much better than I ever thought it would. It just seamlessly unlocks, even at night time, where it uses the limited screen brightness to unlock the phone. (It really surprises...

Live Photos – are we in the world of Harry Potter?


Apple’s New Live Photos have just arrived on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. () Essentially, the camera captures a couple of seconds of video before and after each photo, meaning that photos can have movement. Remember those wonderful scenes in Harry Potter where the wizard newspaper photos move… expect that to start arriving in your Facebook news feed, desktop wallpapers and...

iOS 7 – the amazing hidden spirit level


Its a brilliant new feature of iOS 7, yet you probably wont have heard about it virtually anywhere. There is a spirit level (a fantastically accurate one that works on multiple planes) built in to the compass app.   Open the compass app and then swipe left (thumb on right of screen and swipe across to the left) to go to the next screen   What you get is this – in this mode the...



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