Windows Server 2008 R2 DNS – Solved!


Something has been driving me absolutely INSANE – why does Windows Server 2008 DNS stop working intermittently and require either the service to be re-started or the whole server to be re-booted to get it working again? After 2 years of this annoyance I decided to spend lots of time to get this working or Buy Supermicro, and many phone calls and harrasment of various Microsoft Partner...

Microsoft drops Flash from IE on Windows 8 tablets


The Metro interface is designed for when Windows 8 is being used on a tablet One of the web’s most widely used technologies is going to be absent from some versions of Windows 8. Microsoft is to drop support for Adobe Flash from the web browser that works with the Metro interface on Windows 8. The Metro user interface is most likely to be used on tablets as it displays applications and...

ISArc drags the Kiosk into the 21st Century


WebFence So today we began another revolution – to drag the humble “web-kiosk” into the 21st century. Our goals were clear: Create kiosk software that actually works and allows users to browse the web un-hindered by previous users 100% remotely controlled by a central web-based information management system Allow for whitelist of approved websites Must run on low-power Atom...



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