Marshmallow Toaster Badge


I have commissioned a special badge with a goal of showing that the wearer is an expert at toasting marshmallows. In our scout troop, toasting marshmallows has almost become an art-form, and we hold regular troop-night competitions to start a fire and toast the best marshmallow. If used in Scouting, at present it can only be worn on uniform for 1 year from the date of issue as a custom badge with...

Fire Starter Badge?


We are endeavouring to get all our Scouts and Explorer Scouts into the spirit of survival in the outdoors, similar to the survival skills demonstrated by Chief Scout Bear Grylls on his TV series. With this in mind, we think that there should be a badge specifically for lighting fires, as opposed to the current badges that deal in the most part with cooking on them, as opposed to how they are lit...

Skateboarding badge?


I’ve been thinking about what other scouting activity badges there really should be, and one area that our scouts all claim is completely lacking is Skateboarding. I am planning to commission a new custom activity badge called, un-surprisingly the Skateboarding badge! The real decision is whether the badge should have the word Skateboarding on it or not…? Opinions please!  ...



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