IE9 vs Chrome 10 vs FireFox 4 vs Opera 11 vs Safari 5

Javascript loading time using SunSpider Javascript 0.9.1 Benchmark makes for some interesting reading – IE9 32-bit being the fastest, and IE9 64-bit being the slowest!  

Storage, storage, storage

I’ve spent the past few months on a mission – to convert all of our 2800+ DVDs to H.264 (MP4) format…. And have finally encountered what can only be described as a major obstacle…. Storage.. So what’s out there – well it’s easy and cheap to get a 2Tb USB attached drive – the problem …
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Server upgrade

I was finding that the server hosting my blog was running slowly, so the very nice people at Brinkster upgraded the site to a new faster server last night – to great effect 🙂 The blog now has a new faster MySQL database server as well – shame they wont support running it from Microsoft …
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