Adding free SSL to your server using LetsEncrypt


So you have a lovely new website running on your Ubuntu server, but wouldn’t it be nice to have that small padlock to give visitors peace of mind? To have all traffic between your website and the browser encrypted…..but you don’t want to spend days waiting, and a small fortune on an SSL Certificate, then wait for the certification authority to email you, with lengthy...

How to add an SSL certificate to IIS in Windows Server 2008 R2


Its something I do without really thinking about, just get another certificate and add it to the server so that the website can load with https:// instead of http:// I have used lots of different SSL providers, however I have found that the most reliable and easy to use is www.trustico.co.uk and their customer service and support is exceptional. I will try to make this as step-by-step as I...

Make your site exclusively SSL (re-directing automatically from http to https) on Windows Server


If you have an SSL certificate on your website, how do you automatically re-direct ALL visitors to the SSL version? Its easy, and with no code required. 1. Open IIS 2. Click on the site you wish to change 3. Double-click on SSL Settings 4. Check the box Require SSL 5. Click on Apply (on the top right hand side) 6. Click on Error Pages 7. Double-click on the item with status code 403 8.  Choose...



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