Upgrade from Ubuntu 16 to Ubuntu 18


This is more to aid my memory than anything else, as it is something we do for the 300+ servers on a regular basis that I help to host. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt dist-upgrade sudo apt-get autoremove sudo apt install update-manager-core sudo do-release-upgrade Once upgrading to Ubuntu 18 it is good to note that Apache and PHP will stop working. The fix for this is to re...

Ubuntu – Copy all files from another server by FTP


Moving servers from one infrastructure to another. In our case, from Webfusion UK to AWS. Problem we face is that there are over 82Gb of files to move from one server to another. Traditionally we would have downloaded them all locally, then uploaded them, but what if there was a way to transfer them directly from one server to another. We turned on FTP on the source server, and updated the...



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