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Parallels 8 on Mac running Windows 8 – where has the # hash key gone?


Its one of the few issues I have found with moving to using Macs, the lack of a # key. On the Mac, you press Alt + 3 to show the # key. Once you have parallels installed, if you are running windows 7, the same combination worked, however if you install Windows 8 it no longer works. After spending half an hour + searching Google and seeing that lots of other people have the same issue and no...

Microsoft drops Flash from IE on Windows 8 tablets


The Metro interface is designed for when Windows 8 is being used on a tablet One of the web’s most widely used technologies is going to be absent from some versions of Windows 8. Microsoft is to drop support for Adobe Flash from the web browser that works with the Metro interface on Windows 8. The Metro user interface is most likely to be used on tablets as it displays applications and...



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