WordPress: The Dreaded “Error Establishing Database Connection” message


My site has just been down for more than 24 hours due to a wordpress update, that in its wisdom the plugin developer assumed that the version of MySQL would be an older version, and corrupted the WordPress database that the site uses. I’ve recovered the site from last nights backup, and thankfully there has been no data loss, but its still a timely reminder as to the importance of regular...

WordPress – Pinning posts to the home page


I was just asked by a local school how to make a post always appear on the home page – the answer is surprisingly simple, but if you don’t know where to look its rather difficult to find! On the publish box to the right of the wordpress post in the editor, click on the Edit link next to Visibility: Public and then tick the Stick this post to the front page box. Done! The post now...

Setting up WordPress on Amazon AWS EC2 in 10 minutes


This tutorial does a complete walk-through on the basis of you using Mac Os to set up a new EC2 WordPress site. Once you get practiced, you can do this in minutes! Log in to your EC2 Management Console () Select a new  instance of Amazon Linux AMI (Free tier eligible) Just leave everything un-changed on the next screen and press on the Next: Configure Instance Details button...



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