Who am I?

I like technology, but not the race.

I like to be wrapped in warm fluffy blankets near an open fire and listen to the rain, but not be smothered.

I want go to a log cabin next to a lake in the summer up in the mountains. It will have a long wooden dock nearby and an old boathouse with boards missing from the roof, and a place to sit and dangle your feet over the edge into the water when you want to be alone. It will have a rowing boat so that I can row someone out over the lake whilst they read out loud from under a parasol.

I’m a sucker for movies like Dead Poets Society, Ever After, The Matrix, Serendipity and Jerry Maguire as they inspire me to be creative and help renew my belief that I can do anything and conquer all adversity.

I lead from the front without fear, and yet am frequently surprised when people follow.

I like to be generous with my time and money, to be especially kind to strangers and children. I like to engage at the level of the person talking to me, to make them feel valued and that they have my attention.

I appreciate spotting unexpected architectural brilliance in even the most bland of buildings.

I enjoy seeing lighting that partially illuminates a space, with areas of warmth, but leaving leaving hints of darkness and the unknown.

I sometimes stare at the stars for hours pondering the meaning of life, waiting for a shooting star to wish upon.

I like to walk where I imagine no man has walked before, off the beaten path through a forest, snapping branches and making my own new way, without thought of any particular destination.

I love to hear happy singing rippling out through an open kitchen window as I sit reading under a cherry blossom tree, watching the petals fall in the warm summer breeze.

I relish being in control, and yet yearn for someone to take away the need to always be the one who decides.

I long for someone who will bring me a mug of tea in bed, tell me that today will be amazing, and that I can do anything with them on my team and by my side.

I sometimes climb mountains for no other reason than to know that I can, and occasionally become despondent when I realise the summit is out of reach.

I wonder what it would be like to stand on the moon and look back at the earth, a blue and green marble suspended in the infinite universe. I always thought that by 2020 the space age would be truly here, and it makes me sad to realise that I will never get to say “beam me up”.

I endeavour to surround myself with people who both talk and listen, and don’t shy away from telling me their opinion. I value those who challenge me on any ideas I may come up with, not by putting mine down, but by proposing even more kooky ones of their own.

Where some ideas may seem silly to others, I only listen for genius, because the ideas that are crazy enough may just change the world, and by listening I might be fortunate enough to join that adventure.

I crave a cheerleader, someone to save the world with, and with that, save me.

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