Sometimes we need a list of all countries, and whilst searching Wikipedia and copy and pasting is fine, it can take a long time and is tedious, so here is an SQL Country List to copy and paste.   CREATE TABLE `settingsCountries` ( `CountryID` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `CountryCode` varchar(2) NOT NULL DEFAULT ”, `CountryName`… Read More

Every now and again I come across some amazing videos on YouTube that I think are relevant to all web developers. One author (video blogger? – not sure what they are called) who is particularly brilliant is Tom Scott. He wonderfully articulates how web technologies and their exploits happen, and how to ensure that you… Read More

macOs Sierra

macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS all announced at WWDC tonight – looking forward to trying them out when we are developing new iPhone and iPad Apps in the coming months. I think that building in voice integration to all apps is absolutely critical for apps in the future. More and more users are going to… Read More

Apple updated its guidelines a while back so that if you want press a button in your App to then make a phone call, it must prompt first to ask the user for confirmation that they wish to make the call. After hours and hours of trying to make my own UIAlertController and really struggling with… Read More