Anyone else getting this error trying to run Windows Live Messenger (I’ve tried v8.0 and 8.1) under Windows Vista? If you are here is how to fix it:

The key is to disable "Auto-Tuning" of the packets that Windows Vista does by default.

– Click Start, All Programs
– Accesories
– Right-Click Command Prompt
– Click Run As Administrator
– Type the following: netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
– Press Enter
– Close Command Prompt Window
– Restart your computer

This worked for me, and seems to have greatly speeded up my networking in the process – I’m now back to transfering files over the network at higher speeds again, another side-effect of Vista trying to be too clever.

Lots of other users have also reported this error, particularly when using a Netgear DG834/DG834G Router, and another possible cause is that the router firmware needs to be rolled back to version 3.01.29 (Thanks Microsoft TechNet

– 01/02/2007 17:54:17

Thanks for this Richard, this error is driving me nuts under Vista RC1 on my laptop using our dg834gt router 🙂

G M0N3Y – 02/02/2007 09:49:46

Thanks very much, this was the answer to my hair loss, 🙂

theres a pint of beer with your name on it in my local

Brinley Ford – 13/02/2007 10:42:02

Thanks for that Richard,works for me. Well done.

Gary Hook – 30/05/2007 19:10:46

Thank you so so much! Works a treat.

davidjhall – 20/06/2007 11:27:23

Thanks very much, your solution worked without rebooting pc. Running vista home premium, recent upgrade, through Netgear DG834G wireless router.

– 19/09/2007 09:10:57

Many thanks for this, I was going absolutely nuts trying to solve this problem and had tried many "solutions" on the web but this is only one that worked. I have a DG834G router as well so doubt it is any coincidence!

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