Upgrade from Ubuntu 16 to Ubuntu 18

This is more to aid my memory than anything else, as it is something we do for the 300+ servers on a regular basis that I help to host. Once upgrading to Ubuntu 18 it is good to note that Apache and PHP will stop working. The fix for this is to re-install the php …
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Ubuntu – Schedule A Script To Run

There are many occasions where we want to schedule a .sh script to run at set intervals. I use this primarily for running backups every day of various amazon EC2 servers so that they are backed up to S3 on a nightly basis. This means that the script file will run at midnight every night.

MySQL Languages List

Need a quick .sql file to create a list of all languages of the world, but don’t want to type them all in from Wikipedia? Here is the solution! MySQL Version: settingsLanguages.sql (this is in a .zip file to ensure that it can be downloaded through browser security settings)