Welcome to my blog. I’ve been blogging on various platforms since 1994, back in the days when the internet was only accessible via a screechy 14.4bps modem and resulted in expensive telephone bills. I migrated all my other posts over to my own self-hosted site in 2004, and have been maintaining it myself as a hobby and learning experience ever since.

Please feel free to comment and give your feedback on any of my posts, it is so very greatly appreciated. Please do be kind though, there are posts from such a long time ago that they may now be rendered non-sensical in modern times.

Latest stories

GP Practices List in MySQL for The United Kingdom


In our quest to make lookups easier and faster for customers we sometimes take the time to collate open government data sources that are in horrible Excel/CSV/MDB/Text files with differing columns into a single standardised MySQL database table. GP Practices was one such mess of OpenGov Data. The GPPractices-2020-06-02.sql file contains the following numbers of GP Practice details: England...

All UK Addresses in SQL


Its something that is always annoying, having to try to do address look-ups, there are loads of third-party services that offer this, but they all charge per lookup or block of look-ups. We packaged up our complete UK Address list (All of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) into a wonderful MySQL Script that runs to create a single Addresses table containing all of the 30,689,521...

MEEE6 Commands


Commands Plugin Commands !deletebotmessage Deletes Bot Messages !warning1 — !warning2 — !warning3 — Levels Plugin Commands !levels Get a link to the leaderboard !rank (optional user) Get the rank of anyone in the server Moderator Plugin Commands !ban [member] (optional reason) Bans a member from the server !tempban [member] [duration] (optional reason) Temporarly bans a member...



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