7407 Stage 1 Teacher Training – Week 2 Notes



7407 – Stage 1


Lesson 02


Date Tuesday, 17 September 2002

Main Points covered today:

Completed Individual Learning Plan

Tutorial on week 6 – checking PDJ’s

Good lessons and how to people learn.

Academic Writing Guidelines

Advantages and Disadvantages of being Activists, Theorists, Pragmatists and Reflectors



Find out more for next week:


Abraham Maslow’s triangle of need – Hierarchy of needs




Initially we completed our ILP’s and then we discussed with our neighbour what we have learned whilst teaching in the last week.



What is a good lesson and how do people learn?


  • What is a good lesson?
  • What is not a good lesson?

…from a learners perspective.



From our group:


Good Lesson:

  • Teacher Passionate about subject
  • Teacher enthusiastic about teaching
  • Teacher must be good communicator
  • Good support from teacher
  • Own interest in subject being taught
  • Well prepared teacher
  • Resources
  • Interaction between teacher and learners and with other learners
  • Teaching environment (windows, temperature etc.)
  • Good sense of humour
  • Varied teaching methods
  • Recap
  • Creating a good rapport


Bad lesson:

  • Disruptive learners
  • Bad delivery
  • No recap
  • Bad handouts
  • Tutor doesn’t check what learners have learnt during the lesson
  • Not clearly spoken



Results from all groups:



Good Lesson No So Good Lesson
Varied teaching methods

Good cover of subject

Passionate about subject



Tutor Presence

Good Planning (Scheme of Work)


Good classroom management


Hands On


Relationship with learner


Confidence of tutor

Bad handouts or no handouts

Poor communication

Topic info poor

No preparation

Speech not clear

Equipment problems

Environment distractions

Behavioural problems of other learners

Confidence of tutor

Bad timekeeper

Sticking to one teaching method








Task 108 given this week


  • Observe a teacher


  • Sit in on another teachers lesson within your subject area


  • Due Date: Week 9 – 12/11/2002


  • 800-1000 Words (3 pages)


  • Include witness statement from tutor/teacher


  • Use observed teaching experience form


  • Observe for 1 hour









Pointers for when your lesson is observed by Kirsten…


When Kirsten comes out to observe the lesson that I am giving I need to have the Observed Teaching Experience form and Lesson Plan. Remember to introduce her to the class when she comes to observe the teaching.



Academic Writing

Guidelines for Academic writing



“Tell me what you’re going to tell me”

“Set the scene” – who, where, what, when, how many

– What


“Tell me about your observation”

“What was good”

“What wasn’t so good”

“Things to do better”

– Content


“Tell me what you’ve told me”

– This is what I learned




We next completed a Learning styles questionnaire.


It is important to gauge your lessons to cater for all learning styles. If your learners are not stimulated in their lessons they will not learn.



Advantages and Disadvantages of being Activists, Theorists, Pragmatists and Reflectors


Advantages of being an Activist

  • Jobs get done
  • Create new ideas
  • Try anything
  • Challenge
  • Results
  • Teamwork
  • Take control
  • Lots of ideas



Disadvantages of being an Activist

  • Lack of preparation
  • Impulsive
  • Irritable around theorists and reflectors
  • Not as prepared as a theorist
  • Go off point
  • Get bored quickly



Advantages of being a theorist

  • Through Thinkers
  • Step by Step –Methodical
  • Logical
  • Objective


Disadvantages of being a theorist

  • Nothing gets done
  • Ideas are not put into practice



Advantages of being a Pragmatist

  • Over enthusiasm (run before they can walk)


Disadvantages of being a Pragmatist

  • Short sighted



Advantages of being a Reflector

  • Quiet – can be taught
  • Job well done – through – perfectionist


Disadvantages of being a Reflector

  • Little feedback
  • Non-productive group work
  • Listen, digest and then “what about…”

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