A short story in 50 words or less

A friend and colleague of mine goes to a writing class and one of the exercises was to write a short story in 50 words or less. Other rules were that it must have some element of surprise or innuendo within the story, so I thought I should really have a go myself, and here is the result. Turns out it is really difficult to do in 50 words, I only managed to shorten it to 53 words, removing all background information or detail.

The smooth gorgeous shaft fitted perfectly into the waiting 
caress, it was like they were designed to fit, and it was
effortless, they clicked, and he sighed, what an incredible
feeling of delight and contentment. He smiled and passed the
glossy white AirPods case to his friend and she grinned back,
sharing in the rapture of the moment that passed between them.

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