Apple iOS 6.1 Released


ios61bannerApple have now released the latest version of their operating system, iOS 6.1, for the iPad and iPhone. The important question is what new features does iOS 6.1 bring to Apple devices?

The major new addition is support for more 4G LTE networks worldwide with another 36 carriers now supported which brings the total number up to 56. However, this is pretty irrelevant to UK users because the smartphone was already supported on EE’s 4G network.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth updating because the update also includew a number of other important additions. One such addition is the option to download individual tracks from iTunes Match , which was removed in iOS 6.

Apple have also added a new button to reset the “Advertising Identifier” which is what advertisers use to bombard users with targeted adverts. You’ll now be able to reset the data , as well as having the option to opt-out of receiving targeted adverts.

US users will also now be able to use Siri to book cinema tickets thanks to the Fandango application.  In essence users will now be able to order tickets using their voice alone, which is surely a sign of things to come.

iOS 6.1 also includes a number of security and bug fixes which are always an important inclusion in any operating system update. While, the overall speed and reliability of the operating system has also been improved.

iOS 6.1 is available to download right now on the iPhone 3GS and later and the iPad 2 and later. As always 3G recommends you backup your data before installing the update in-case anything goes wrong.

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