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If you had asked me even 12 months ago about my views on Apple products I
would have dismissed them out of hand, and in many cases I would still have a
major dispute with anyone who thinks the MacOs is in any way a good operating
system…. however when it comes to mobile devices, Apple have changed my

The latest Apple product to grace the TV stand is Apple TV. Upon arrival in a
tiny, tiny box, my first thoughts were… uh-oh there is no way that this can
possibly do what it is claiming to allow…

So setting it up…

Plug it in (with NO EXTERNAL PSU either! WOW)

Plug in HDMI cable

Press the remote…and WOW what a remote – carved out of what looks like a
single block of aluminium – it feels exceptional, and high quality

Answer a few short questions (Country, WiFi etc) and wow – there it is, ready
to go – and it looks amazing! Unlike previous media devices, Apple have managed
to achieve a GUI that looks amazing (not a clunky dos-based looking media
player) and can all be control by the remote, my iPad or iPhone (very clever
with gestures!)

More to follow once I experiment with it to find out its limitations….. I am
looking forward to converting all of our DVD collection to HG264 format (MP4)
and then being able to play them via the Apple TV at a click (and the SAN box to
put them all on will need, by current calculations, around 48Tb of storage).

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