Bought my first Now! Album on a double cassette


Today I bought my first album – it was Now! Thats What I Call Music 18. Double cassette, and wow is it good! I got to listen to it on my walkman for the first time too whilst writing this on the computer. I’ve started this computer diary to keep a record of everything that I do / learn so that in the future I can use it for reference and also to share things that other people might find useful. I recon that there are a lot of things that a person learns in their lifetime that lots of other people also spend a lot of time researching, but its just so difficult to find the answers. I’ve been experimenting with creating a records file like a data-base in a file to store this new diary that I can then load it and search through it using .bat files.

I’m writing this on our 286 computer in the DOS Editor so that I can save it to floppy disk. Its in the living room but I’m the only one who really knows how to use it well. I have written a new batch-file (.bat) menu system for it so that other than always booting into Windows 3.0 it can load the menu first, saving a lot of time if you want to do word processing in QA Write (Which is a DOS program). Windows really is rather basic compared to what you can do within DOS directly.

The computer is a Compaq 286. It has a 3.5″ Floppy Disk Drive that reads 720Kb disks and also a 30Mb hard disk that stores MS-DOS 3.30a and Windows 3.0

If you have a Compaq 286 computer, you can’t just turn it off when you are finished using it, you have to park the disk heads before you press the physical power button. To park the disk heads type:

Shift + Ctrl +Alt + Del

then F3

Tab (twice)


This then ensures that it parks the disk heads on the hard disk properly so that it isn’t damaged if the desk is bumped when the computer is off.

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