Building your own website – the easy way


Lots of people ask me how to set up a personal or small business website that they can make themselves, so here is a simple step-by-step guide to do it cheaply and quickly.

1. Visit and register your domain name of choice.

2. Visit and register for a choice of hosting package. You will probably have to wait for approx 4-8 hours for the account to be fully created.

3. On 123-reg control panel, open the details of the domain name, and choose “change nameservers”. Change the primary and secondary name servers to:

4. On Brinkster, log on to your new account and click on Support and then do a live chat to support. Ask them to add the domain name to your domain list of your account.

5. On Brinkster, open the website settings and then write down your FTP details

6. FTP (if you don’t have FTP software, leech FTP 1.3 is small and easy to use) the files up to your Brinkster space, and hey-presto – one fully working website 🙂

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