Buying a new car…. to save money?


As many projects that seem to have come from nowhere, this one actually did. It all started when I took a random notion to add up just how much money I had spent on fuel for the Toyota Landcruiser in the past 12 months.


..yes, thats really it, a shocking amount of money! A testament to just how much of a reliance on cars living in the countryside gives you.

And then I started working out why it was so particularly bad, this year I had tried to do less miles than usual.

I started working out some costs of how much fuel the Landcruiser uses.

Cost of fill tank: Between £120 and £130

Normal mileage achieved with a full tank: Between 360 and 400 miles

In essence, it is costing approximately £1 for ever 3 miles I travel.

So I started looking into alternatives and came across a Toyota Aygo. 3 door, in chilli red, 1 litre engine. It gets better…. free road tax… and not only free insurance for the first year, but only £49 per year after that…You don’t want another penalty for driving without insurance now.

So I did a few sums, and it adds up, I now spend £99.14 per month on a new car + the fuel it uses, and so far this is how it is working out:

Cost to fill tank: £44

Number of miles achieved with the first full tank: 640

Thats a staggering 15 miles per £1 of fuel! 5 times the distance of the Landcruiser!

So if you have a big fuel-guzzling jeep, that you don’t want to get rid of, but want to save money…. get your spreadsheet out and visit your local car dealership and get a very small eco-car – its well worth it!

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