Elegant Themes Chameleon Remove Overlay From Slider


Elegant Themes Chameleon WordPress Theme Remove Overlay From JQuery Slider

Its a problem that seemingly loads of users have faced, when using a JQuery “slider” (showing rotating images), how to remove the overlay text that normally appears – edit the Style.css


Appearance > Editor



at the very bottom, add:

.featured-description {display:none !important;}


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    • I have used it on many instances of the theme and it always works perfectly. It wont stop any part of the theme working, all it does is set one part (the description) of the slider to be hidden. It is a simple change to CSS and won’t do anything else to the theme if copied and inserted correctly…

  • Please note that it is REALLY important that you get the CSS line correct. I just tried it without the final semi-colon and it does stop the CSS working. You need to copy it 100% as it is above!




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