Getting ready for Christmas?


So I have to write about the ridiculous state of the Christmas build-up. The Christmas aisles started appearing in the major Supermarkets on 1st November, and with the Christmas carols starting to be played, it was exceptionally difficult to try to avoid everything Christmassy!

Why do shops insist on spoiling Christmas? At the very least they could wait until December, and allow us all to enjoy the festive time of year.

Some people started putting up their Christmas Trees on the last week of November, and whilst I am sure that they loved this, those same people are completely sick of the decorations, and usually have them down before New Year. By stark contrast, our decorations go up on the second weekend of December, and come down the day before the kids go back to school.

So I implore you, shops and business owners – please stop making Christmas come earlier and earlier each year! Let us enjoy Christmas AT Christmas time, not months before!

Wallace and Gromit
Wallace and Gromit get ready for Christmas, in DECEMBER!

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