HomePlug is astounding!


I have finally found an IT product that more than just amazing, but absolutely essential in any home network.. The Devolo dLan Duo HomePlug Networking kit.

So what is it?

Essentially, it is two or more "devices" that plug into any plug socket, with a LAN and USB port on each – all you need to do is to connect a lan cable one end to the router, and the other end to whatever networking device you want, a switch, wireless access point, etc – and the best bit – no software to install, no additional adaptors, no hassle – its really simply just plug in, connect network cable and go – absolutely brilliant!

HomePlug solved the problem that I was having whereby my wireless network wouldnt reach to my office (even though it is less than 100m away from the house) – in fact the wireless with a 9db Antannae wouldnt reach from my living room to my kitchen next door such are the thickness of the stone walls!

And the best till last – here, even with the connected through a home-built electrical extension cable through the garage and house, through 3 fuse boxes and 2 extension leads it works at 100Mbit – I’ve been able to transfer data at 3.6Mb/s through the connection – simply amazing and just as good as ethernet cable.

I will be trying out more things as I go along – like giving my neighbours one of the 4-pack of devices that I got and see if they can get on to my network etc. etc. With a theoretical range of 200m it might just do it!

So, if you are frustrated with wireless – go get HomePlug!

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