Marshmallow Toaster Badge


I have commissioned a special badge with a goal of showing that the wearer is an expert at toasting marshmallows. In our scout troop, toasting marshmallows has almost become an art-form, and we hold regular troop-night competitions to start a fire and toast the best marshmallow.

If used in Scouting, at present it can only be worn on uniform for 1 year from the date of issue as a custom badge with approval from your county commissioner.

I will be requesting approval from the Scout Association to call this an official activity badge, they are not official activity badges, and does not have the scouting logo on the badge. I am obviously hoping the the Scout Association approves the badge and allows us to make it an official badge with the logo on it!

Its called the Marshmallow Toaster Badge.

Getting the badge

This badge is available for £1 each using the shopping button below. This covers the cost of making the badge, and a small amount of profit that is used to support our local scout troop.

15 badges or more Free shipping worldwide
14 badges or less £2.50 will be added by Paypal for Postage & Packaging

Buy the Marshmallow Toaster badge – Red edge, blue background


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