Netgear WG102 with latest firmware doesn’t allow MacBook Air to connect


wg102_tcm122-53787Its a really annoying problem – the Wifi works for a lot of laptops but not with others.

The problem we had was with a 2013 MacBook Air connecting to a NetGear WG102 with the latest firmware 5.0.3

A 2012 MacBook Pro Retina and numerous other laptops were fine, but the issue persisted with the MacBook Air.

To solve the problem, we reverted the access point back to 5.0.1 (download only the right version for where you are in the world). All devices can then access the wifi.



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  • Exact same problem. Very frustrating… Let me know if you find a work around to running 5.0.3 otherwise I guess I will stay at 5.0.1.

  • Hi Sean, I have spent absolutely ages on the phone to netgear support on this issue, their advise is to stick with 5.0.1 and that it is a chipset compatibility issue. It seems to affect quite a few new (2013) laptops and tablets, but older devices all seem to connect without issue. Netgear say that they will not be issuing any new updates for the WG102 in the foreseeable future.




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